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Friday, September 17, 2010

5k in a week, raising funds for flood relief

Some of you already know that I am running a 5k on September 25th, and raising funds for flood relief in Pakistan.  This will fufill one of the goals I had for my 50th year.

Although I really don't much like running, at least for the first mile, I keep doing it because every study I have read about exercise and health has come to the same conclusion- that regular exercise is the single best way we know to prevent or delay all kinds of nasties, including  those that have touched my family again and again- diabetes, heart disease, dementia.  I don't know about you, but I prefer to do what I can to avoid those.  And running costs me nothing.

After a mud run.
Entering the 5k and committing to raising funds keeps me motivated.  I don't aim to win- that's really too much to ask of the world's slowest runner- but I aim to do the best I can do, and that means extra running in these weeks leading up to the race.

I chose to have the fruits of my fundraising effort go to a well-rated U.S. charity called Islamic Relief USA.  I wanted to help the families in Pakistan because of the heartbreaking devastation due to the recent floods.  I was also concerned that recent anti-Muslim sentiment and rhetoric might dampen the response to this Pakistan emergency, through no fault of their own.

My family ties to Pakistan and the Muslim world, though not close, help me to realize in a more tangible way the truth that we belong to each other, to loosely channel Mother Theresa. It is the right cause and the right choice for me now.  Islamic Relief USA is a worthy and trusted charity, which has earned 4 stars from

I am asking for $3 donations and hoping for 100 contributers.  I have so far raised nearly $150, and I thank all of you who have contributed. 

If you would like to contribute I have made it easy by putting a paypal donation button on my blog, above right.  For those who prefer, donations can be either brought or mailed to my home or store.

I have included a link below for those of you interested in learning more.

Thank you.


  1. Vicky Bell, you have a new fan. As if that viral post was not enough, I decided to read more of your writings. Beyond the content of the post, I really liked your writing style. I am so moved that you ran a 5K to raise money for the people affected by the disaster in Pakistan.

    Like you, I was born and raised in Pennsylvania (did I get that right?) and I am a blogger. Unlike you, I have direct ties with Muslims, I married one and became one after many years of marriage. I am sitting here holding back tears at the thought of your raising money and running a 5k which raises awareness of their plight. God bless you for you efforts!

    My husband and I have donated to Islamic Relief in the past during times of need for places in the world that may not receive donations.

    I will now be sharing two of your posts on my facebook. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your blog. You are an amazing woman.

  2. Joyce thank you very much for sharing your story and your encouragement. I am actually from, and in, NJ, but I live near the PA border..